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5 minutes for a fast shaving
- Aug 05, 2016 -

1. Two minutes: Preparation before Sahving 

Beards are more hard relative to the skin, in order to make more easy to shave and the friction in 

the shave will not hurt the skin, then the preparation before shaving is very important.

1 minute for Hot rowel. Hot water to soften the beard and make pores big, easier to shaving beard.

1 minute for Coating shaving foam. Push shaving foam products can be used, which eliminating the 

hand to play bubble. Shaving foam with lubrication and soften fibrous roots role.


2. One minute for shaving (with a manual razor).

It is more smooth when shaving for the preparation before shaving. First, along the direction of 

the growth of beard scraping, you can shave off most of the beard, but also can reduce the 

stimulation of the skin. Then re-shaving against the direction of the growth.

3. Two minutes for care after shaving.

1 minute to dry the skin: gentlely dry the skin and excess foam with a soft towel.

1 minute to shoot the after-shaving water to calm and soothe the skin. Rub the after-shaving water 

on the freshly shaved skin using hands, after-shaving water can relieve the skin and 

anti-inflammatory role.