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- Jul 30, 2016 -

Do not share the razors with others, because the hepatitis C virus can spread through this way. For wvwery 100 person, there is one of them carry the virus. So it is important to avoid sharing your razors with others.

Many men love to use electric razors, but the blade head will breed mites after a long time use. It will make the pimple if the varroa mite make inroads on your skin. So how can we simply "get rid of" the mites on electric shaver? 

When the electric razors are used for two weeks or so, it is necessary to kill mite--- unscrew the knife head and pulled out the blade and sweep away beard stubble, then drop a half drops of essential balm on the knife head,be careful that not drop it on the rotating shaft line. Lastly, put the head back.

The essential balm has unique smell, which is the killer of mites. In addition, it's oily state does not make the blade rust, and the skin will not be affected.