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Choose different razors for diffirent beards
- Aug 08, 2016 -

If you are said have a temperament, handsome, grace, charm... it sounds very happy. To be sure that men look tidy and generous is the premise. Shaving is one of the lessons. If you shave your beard every day, it's no doubt that you are a person who pays attention to appearance, temperament and handsome. To reflect your personal style, apperance is the most direct factory. 

Most male friends should be more aware of their own beard, but they have less idea on how to choose razors based on their beards. Well, here we are going to talk about the difference chioce of different razors, accoding to your beard types.

A. Heavy Beard, and need to shave every day.

   An elected swing razor(reciprocating razor) is the best choice. High speed of this razor can provide a strong impetus, and the rapid rotation of the motor drives the swing blade can shave the beard quickly and easily. Besides, left and right swing cutter head will never appear this phenomenon--- rotary shaver pull the beard.  

B. Thick or longer beard.

   It is best to choose one blade or triple blade razor. It has a high efficiency cleaning system, which can be close to your unique facial contour and so powerful. 

C. Sparse beard or someone needn't shaves every day.

   It is not necessary to but too expensive razor, instead, a rotary razor of facing a large range can be choosed, in order to achieve fast and efficient. Also it is suitable for small area beard, shaving cleanness is high, small vibration; and the shaver head can be long lasting and fast and eddicient.