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Choosing Disposable Razor for More Comfortable Shaving
- Jul 16, 2016 -

Men's care is very simple, it only needs to keep face neat and clean every day, so that you look like comfortable and energetic. And this, you need to be accompanied by a quality razor. Razor's choice and clean are very important. Choosing a razor as important as choosing a girlfriend. Men in general if the beard is not particularly thick, a blade head or twin blade head is sufficient, if the beard were too heavy, it is recommended that triple blade head.

So how many types of razor blades on the market? And how to divide? In general, they divided into the following aspects:

1. According to the blade head 

(1) rotating

The advantages of rotary shaver are not easy to hurt the skin, not easy to cause bleeding. According to this, many sensitive skin friends would like to choose! But it also is slightly weak for thick and dense beard.

(2) reciprocating

The principle of this kind of razor is relatively simple, the advantage is very sharp, suitable for a thick and short beard. The disadvantage is not durable. Because the blade often moves back and forth, often loss of faster.

2. According to the shape

(1) straight tube type razor

The appearance is cylindrical, and the straight tube type razor is provided with three blades.

(2) elbow type razor

Structure and straight tube basically the same, the shape of the razor is more beautiful, when shaving, it is also relatively good, easy to use. Its shape usually has two kinds of circular and approximate rectangular.

(3) horizontal shaving razor

The horizontal razor blade is combined with the rotary type and the reciprocating type, and the blade head is arranged on the side face of the cutter body. It has two parts, when shaving short beard, you can use a rotary type, when shaving long beard, you can use a reciprocating. In addition, if you like to grow sideburns and angle, you can consider this section, it is imitating the principle of artificial fader. In these two aspects of performance is very good.

(4) double headed razor

More common. The shaver cutting area than above, more suitable for the use of beard.

3. According to the power

(1) manual razor

Manual razor is the most clean and thorough. If you normally on the pursuit of the ultimate clean, I believe it must be the best choice.

Generally speaking, manual shaving takes a relatively long time to shave, but the effect is very good and clean, all beards are swept. Because it shaves clean and thorough, low cost and easy to operate, so it has been a considerable proportion on the market. Even if you are usually relatively busy, you can also choose to use a manual razor in a special day, so that the skin is more smooth.

(2) electric razor

Fast pace of life making the electric razor more popular. It has become a busy commuters choice for its quick, convenient.

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