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Electric Razor: Do not to hanker after the cheap price
- Aug 23, 2016 -

Nowadays, there are many kinds of brand and various prices in the electric razor market. Some electric razors are too cheap, It was unbelievable! Below I specifically talk about these cheaper razor will bring some problems: 

  1. Shaving unclean. (you will obviously find that some stubble remained prick you when you touch your face. but you can not shave again, which annoyed.)  

  2. Short service life. Generally speaking, it is certainly be bad exceed half a year, and the cost to fix is higher than you bought. 

  3. Potential risks. there are lots of unreasonable design of circuit, which may be a hidden danger when charging.

So I suggest that do not to seek cheap! Instead choosing a high quality and reliable brand. Of cause, the manual razor is also a better choice for you. Pick a suitable razor at a reasonable price according to your personal hobby. Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the electric and manual razor, I have written before, you can look through the previous aticles.