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Electric razor of your choice of power supply method
- Jun 16, 2016 -

1, rechargeable: in general this cannot be used at all times, there are two forms, one with cord and another comes with a charging device (such as: Kraton-RSCX-8602 razor), the latter is more convenient.

2, plug-in: require use after power up plug in, not too easy to use, the advantage of comparative foot, shaving well.

3, wireless plug dual-use: this is a combination of the above two deficiencies, can be used in power; when in low power, can be plugged in directly.

4, dry: Shaver motor is done by the 1.2V dry cell. If you use rechargeable 1500MAH battery, power use is very durable, much longer than the charging time, and also more economical.