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how to clean a shave razor
- Jul 26, 2016 -

1. sweep brush method 

 Every time after use, cleaning blade and pore with a small brush, so as to avoid beard crumbs and 

 skin oils produce curing, hinder the blade movement and affecting the sharpness.

2. washing method 

 The whole razor can be washed by water, but remember that do not put the whole manual razor soak 

 into the water. 

3. Skin Care method 

 On the basis of the whole razor washed, you can coat some shower gel, soap and other skin care 

 products on the blade head, increasing lubrication and then shaving. This can not only indirectly clean the skin, cosmetic effect is also very good. 

4. Essential balm method 

 Every week, drop a few drops of essential balm after clean the stubble on razor's head, then smear

 with a cotton swab smear. It can not only bactericidal, but also its oil state will not make the 

 blade rust. At the same time, allergies phenomenon will not be worried about.