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How to use a razor to shave
- Jul 26, 2016 -

1. As far as possible in the case of wet to shave. Before washing, the skin is not prepared, it is 

   likely to produce a burning sensation after shaving. Under normal circumstances, the proposal 

   time to shave is after a bath.

2. Don't shave before doing sports. Because the sweat will stimulate the skin just be scratched, 

   caused infection. 

3. Replace blade and disinfection using alcohol regularly. 

4. Don't share shave razor with others. It's easy to pollute the blade, cusing skin infections. 

5. Muscles do not be too nervous when shaving. Otherwise, it's easily to hurt root shave on surface

   of the skin. 

6. Don't shave beard in the same place in different directions. 

7. To care promptly after shaving, protect skin.