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Judging the type of beard
- Aug 15, 2016 -

Many female friends are ready to send a razor as a present to her father or boyfriend, and they 

want to choose one of the other satisfaction, but the problem is they don't know how to judge the 

type of beard. 

Common Type:

1. Soft and rare, or even no beard. Most of them are overweight, white and delicate skin. According 

to traditional Chinese medicine said, obese man also has a scarce beard.

2. Soft and bushy. This type beard are mainly white people. 

3. Hard and less. Common yellow people.

4. Hard and large density. 

5. Special growth mode: for example, some beard grow close to the skin, and too hard, the kind of 

   whiskers around the chin which is the most difficult to handle. Some people with a reciprocating

   also not clean shaving, it is best to wash clean and then heating softening in shaving, shaved 

   beard of this type manual razor is perferred.  


Generally, Asian beard are mostly black and hard in the majority. Some brown beards are soft. And 

the white one has a golden color. 

How to judge the beard is soft or hard:

1. Touching:  If you kiss your boyfriend and his beard pricking your skin,this beard is certainly 

   hard; to know the type of your father's beard, you can ask your mother, or look below: 

2. If there is a thin layer of beard on the upper lips or it's browm beard, most is soft. 

3. If a man has heavy hairs on the body, his beard mostly is hard. 

4. It's hard if the beard is black and shiny.

5. Looking the stubble after shving, it's clearly indicate that the beard is dense and hard if the 

   stubble is dark. 

The above method is hoped to help you to judge the type of beard, and choose the appropriate shaving razor.