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Shaving--- advantages of wet shaving
- Aug 26, 2016 -

For convenient, lots of people are willing to dry shave, which is actually not recommended. Why? This is because the shaving razor will cause 

some micro scars on the surface of the skin. While people don't pay attention to this, dry shave also can easily lead to inflammation of the pores.

Here I will talk about the advantages of Wet Shaving: 

1.Shaving Cleaner. Some hard beards just like the fine copper wire, but when it is wet, hardness of beards will reduce by 70%, and easy to shave. 


2.It won't have the beards again in the afternoon. Many people who like to dry shave, will find that stubber still appear in the afternoon no matter 

what good brand of shaving razors. However, the wet shave dosen't have to worry about this, because wet shave can shave the roots.

3.Protect the skin. Wet shave needs soften the beards with foam before shaving, and the foam has the role of anti-inflammatory and repair the skin. 

4.Prolong the service life. Because of its lubricant, which can moisturize the skin, wet shaving has less damage to the razors.

There is no doubt that not all the razors can wet shave. Previously due to technical limitations, only a manual razor can wet shave. Now, some electric 

razors also can do this. At the last, Do not forget to use the skin care products after shaving.