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Why use a straight razor
- Aug 03, 2016 -

Why use a straight razor?

Better Shaves: Even with the availability of convenient safety razors, the straight razor remains the preferred shaving tool of professional barbers today. That’s because it’s the best shaving tool that exists — you just have to learn to use it properly.

Less Expensive: When you’re first starting out and searching for straight razors and accessories, your initial reaction might be to conclude that the price is too high. If you consider the long-term costs, though, shaving with a straight razor is one of the most affordable options available. The razor, hone, strop and brush are all items that can last the rest of your life if properly cared for and could even become family heirlooms.

Eco-Friendly: If you’re not into re-usable shopping bags and saving your dinner scraps for compost, that’s okay. You can still help save the world by not throwing away plastic razor cartridges every couple of weeks.

PS: this article from MacGateway