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According To The Different Shapes Shaver Types
- Jun 16, 2016 -

1. straight-razor

Cylinder-shaped appearance, topped with dynamic and static two blades, permanent magnet DC motor in the Middle, the lower part of the battery compartment. Straight razors razor with three blades, are net hole cutter outside cutter.

2. elbow-razor

Structure and the tube is basically the same, the only difference lies in the rotating cutter head and motor parts and lower battery box form an angle can be adjusted to 90 ° angle and activities are not two fixed angle. The Shaver comparison of aesthetic appearance, shaving when the handle is also good, and easy to use. Its shape is usually round and rectangular ones.

3. horizontal razor

Horizontal Shaver combines Rotary and reciprocating, cutter mounted on the side of the tool body. It has two parts a razor, shaving short beards can be used when rotating, you can use reciprocating rolling-cut beard. In addition, like sideburns and hair friends consider this, it is an imitation of artificial fader works, did very well in these two areas.

4. dual-head Shaver

The more common. The Shaver cutting area is larger than the above three, for users with large beard.

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