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Choose Men's Twin Blade Razors To Recognize Three Kinds Of Head Mode
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Electric Men's Twin Blade Razors can clean the beard, the most important factor is the head. Knife head design properly, you can let the scraper become a kind of enjoyment. At present, the market sold Men's Twin Blade Razors knife head can be divided into turbo, wrong knife and retina three.

1, the turbo-type head: the use of rotating multi-layer blade will be scraping the beard, this knife design is the most commonly used razor.

2, the wrong knife blade: the use of two metal blade staggered vibration principle, the beard pushed into the groove scraping.

3, retinal head: the use of intensive omentum design, resulting in rapid vibration, the small razor shuffle scraping.

Shaving is every man every day essential homework, and shaving before the essential work is to choose shaving tools, the so-called "good work, we must first of its profits," Here we look at what kind of shaving tools awesome

Razor: If you want to scrap the face clean, you should use the blade razor. If you do not like beard ballast, and always want to scratch a not left, you can use double or three blade razor. Which three layers of the blade can be more sensitive to facial skin of the slight ups and downs, thereby effectively reducing the stimulus.

Electric razor: If you want to save time and effort and thoroughly, it is recommended to use electric Men's Twin Blade Razors. Its advantages are also reflected in the application of any skin characteristics, if it is sensitive to the skin, it is recommended to use only electric Men's Twin Blade Razors.

You can use a rotary razor to shave your face around your circle. It is known as the rotary Men's Twin Blade Razors, a blade composed of, covered in the metal mesh under the central rotation of the wheel operation. When the beard into the metal mesh when the blade quickly turn it off.

You can also use the metal foil electric shaver slide up and down shaving. It is known as the fader type razor, razor head has a very thin elastic mesh, composed of two rows of tooth-shaped blade. Two rows of blades swiftly moved back and forth, and the beard was cut off after the blade was raised