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Electric Men's Twin Blade Razors Action Characteristics
- May 25, 2017 -

Electric Men's Twin Blade Razors: electric shaver from the stainless steel grille, the inner blade, micro-motor and shell composition. The net is a fixed outer blade with many holes on it, and the beard can be inserted into the hole. Micro-motor driven by electric energy, driven by the blade action, the use of shear principle, will be inserted into the hole in the beard cut off. Electric razor can be divided according to the characteristics of the action of the blade, divided into two kinds of rotary and reciprocating. The power supply used in dry batteries, batteries and AC charging.

In order to ensure the effect of shaving, dry electric shaver is best to choose high-performance alkaline batteries. Such as long-term placement do not have to remove the battery, to avoid damage to the battery due to leakage of internal parts.

Rechargeable razor Because of its built-in rechargeable battery most of the memory effect, so each charge and discharge to be sufficient. If you do not have long-term, you should put the remaining power (open to idle until the knife is no longer turned), and stored in a dry place.

In order to make Men's Twin Blade Razors blade to maintain the best shaving effect, knife net to protect, to avoid bumps, if the long-term clean up the head, resulting in shaving does not clean the phenomenon should open the head clean (available a little Brush), there is a clogging condition can be washed with water containing detergent. Charging: For example, 8 hours charge that is charged at least charge 8 hours to full, more than 12 hours battery life will be shortened.

Men's Twin Blade Razors gas cleaning method:

Regular cleaning methods have their own shortcomings: brush clean up clean, too much force easily lead to brush hand, so that the outer knife deformation; washable only flush, still to waterproof; automatic cleaning costs are high, and less style.

Strong clean gas to overcome more than a number of defects:

The razor is not demanding. What kind of razor can use clean gas cleaning;

Cleaning effect is remarkable. No matter what kind of gap dead ends, can be completely in place;

Non-contact cleaning. Do not worry about breaking the blade, do not worry about brush injury;

Completely waterless. The use of non-water, completely remove the fears of breaking;

Fast and convenient. Use gently spray 1-2, the dirt tank completely clean; spray 4-5 under the head of a hair can not see;

Cheap and affordable.

Less than 1/10 of the body wash razor products, less than 1/50 or 1/100 of the price of automatic cleaning razor.

The consumption of each use will not exceed 1/4 ml, consumption is minimal.