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Eyebrow Pencils
- Jul 21, 2016 -


    It is said that the wind of penciled eyebrows appeared in the Warring States period, before the appearance of specific materials to pencil.

    At first, women painted eyebrow with burned willow. With the development of the times, The ancient women's eyebrow material changed. From the literature, the earliest material is "Dai"(a black pigment used by women in ancient times to paint their eyebrows), also known as "graphite". Before painting, women must put graphite in inkstone and grinding it, making it become powder. Then mixed with water. The inkstone was found in Han Tombs, which indicated the cosmetics has been in use in Han Dynasty. In addition to graphite, there are many other types of Dai. 

    Nowadays, eyebrow pencils are used for a cosmetic. Lots of people use it everyday. The main components of the eyebrow pencil are paraffin wax, beeswax, mineral wax, Vaseline, Brazil carnauba wax, lanolin and cocoa butter, carbon black pigment and so on. The eyebrow pencil has the advantages of convenient and rapid to use, suitable to outline the shape of eyebrow. But there are also disadvantages--- painted lines are more blunt; it cannot be reconciled with the color,and because it contains wax, under the warm and humid condition, it is relatively easy to take off makeup.