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Four Different Power Supply Men's Twin Blade Razors Contrast
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Electric Men's Twin Blade Razors commonly used in the power of four: plug-in, wireless plug-in dual-use, rechargeable, dry-type. In general, rechargeable and plug-in razor prices are more expensive than dry-type razors, can be used more places. The use of dry-type razor is best to use high-energy alkaline batteries, which can extend the life of the motor. It is convenient to use a dry razor when traveling.

Plug-in: as long as there is a convenient power outlet can be used daily.

Wireless plug-in dual-use: electric razor with sufficient power when not plugged in; use of electricity, can be directly plugged in use.

Charging: After charging by the power supply, can be free and convenient shaving; such as lack of electricity, you need to charge before use.

Drying: The razor is driven by a conventional dry battery.

Men's Twin Blade Razors is every man's essential personal care equipment, he does not like the lady's cosmetics as expensive, but must be applied. Different people's skin, beard, lifestyle are men choose to consider the conditions of the razor, in addition, how to extend the life of the razor, but also men use razors to consider.

Men's Twin Blade Razors after the use of the maintenance of the following three points:

A clean

1, clean the shaver after each shaving

2, the tip should be thoroughly cleaned once every four weeks, remove the retina after the frame, 5 cm away from the grid spray on the special cleaning agent, then you can use a small brush to remove the head of the spaghetti and dirty

3, the tip with a small brush clean, cut with a small brush to clean the omentum to avoid injury

4, each time after shaving to remove the retina, in the plane tapping a few times and then re-installed

5, each time using the back cover to protect the omentum cover to prevent damage to the omentum. The following are the same as the "

B Replace the tip

In order to ensure the high level of electric knife effect, it is recommended that you have the best every two years to replace the head and knife net. The following are the same as the "

C Charging / discharging regularly

In order to maintain the battery life of the battery, every six months or so will be completely in the normal use of the razor power, and then re-charge.