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Growth Record Of Gillette
- Aug 05, 2016 -

Growth record

In the 20th century, and perhaps most familiar face to face that King Gillette. His portrait appeared are sold all over the world, millions of razor on the packaging. With the Gillette razor and generally popular, almost men of the world, even women are aware of the this wears beard Gillette, can say, he brings not only wealth, as well as convenient, fast and safe.

The discovery of a salesman

In January 5, 1855, Kim Camp Gille was born in the family of a small businessman in Chicago. Because my father is doing a small business, so it is very unstable, when the family is good when the bad.

At the age of 16, Gillette met his first setback, father's business went bankrupt, utterly destitute, Gillette, being in school in order to reduce the burden on the home, was forced to drop out of school. In order to make a living, he began to move towards the society, looking for a job on their own.

For a man without a degree and with no experience, the most easy to find work is salesman, Gillette embarked on the road of a salesman, and dries is 24 years.

Salesman's work is so hard and not stable, in the fierce competition environment, and all day long he busy for different companies selling all kinds of daily necessities, food, cosmetics, clothing and other items. Hard salesman career that Gillette's will and ability to be honed, also accumulated a lot of marketing knowledge and social experience, and gradually from naive to mature, as he later started his career has laid a solid foundation.

Gillette is not willing to do ordinary life, he is looking for the opportunity to have their own career!

Opportunity does not drop from the clouds, but one day, he inspired in the most ordinary daily life. As an experienced salesman, he always wants to dress up before he meets with clients. It is a necessary procedure. At the time of the razor blade and handle connected together, cumbersome and not sharp, shave is time-consuming and laborious, slightly inattentive will scratch the face. Because the body can not be replaced, so that to make the shaver, only frequent knife. At that time the knife has two ways, one is sent to the professional knife shop to grind, time-consuming and costly; the second is in the cloth knife mill, this approach can still in some old small barber shop see. Gillette, more than once tasted the shaver does not easily the hardship, so when shaving, he often want to, it is best to have a light, sharp, safety razor to replace the old razor. However, the rhythm of the tension of the salesman

That he had no time to think about the problem.

There is a Gillette in the field of product promotion, the morning in the hotel room in his beard. The weather is too hot and rush out to find customers, reluctantly shave, Chin has become bloody too horrible to look at. He gave away the razor, bitterly said: why there is no more convenient and more sharp razor? Do men deserve to suffer such endless hardships?

This is a Gillette grievances, reminds her: why can't I want to develop their own razor?

A marketing experience gave him a revelation. He just to sell a new cork factory at that time. This small bottle looks very inconspicuous, the price is relatively low, but very popular with consumers, is very popular in the market. Gillette's marketing work very hard, achievement is quite prominent, appreciated by the boss.

Gillette is a bit curious to ask the boss: the cork obscure why good sales? Boss smiled, and told him: the new bottle stopper is "run out of throw 'disposable products, consumption of fast, natural also sell fast. Because it is cheap, people repeat purchase also feel able to bear. The boss inadvertently revealed "business by" the Gillette was a powerful psychological impact: since the run out to throw that products are so popular with consumers, why not design a product to make money? Maybe this is his career starting point!