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Here MWL Razors Preparing For The Canton Fair
- Aug 05, 2016 -

The 120th Canton Fair will be hold in October, Hangzhou Razor Technology Co., Ltd. will bring 

“MWL” razors going for the Canton Fair for the first time. 

At present, all departments of the company are in a positive phase of preparation. Although “MWL”

razor is the first time to participate in Canton Fair, and compared in participant experience may 

be slightly inferior counterparts, our company's elites through continuous learning and practicing,

and by virtue of the advantages of products’ type, price and quality, our products must have the 

ability of participating!

The main product is “MWL” razors in this exhibition, there are hundreds of varieties of models, 

widely used in various regions of the world. Our products have the following three advantages:

1. Excellent production, quality products. 

Since its inception, the company has been focused on the development and production of razor, 

whether it is R & D personnel or product equipment, both are called advanced level. A number of 

products through the ISO9001 quality inspection certification, product has high quality reputation.

2. Unique, safe and comfortable. 

“MWL” razors rely on Hmong’s traditional process of cutting tool making and combine with modern 

advanced science and technology, making razors have the unique national culture elements. The 

product is made with an Ergonomic design, and it has the safety limiter, which can avoid the head 

turning over when be used, to protect the skin from the harm.


3. Integrity of the global business, to provide comprehensive and thoughtful pre-sales and 

after-sales service.

There are many elites in our company, who not only continuously receive professional training,but 

also have a number of successful receptions of foreign business negotiation. Thus we accumulated a 

wealth of business experience, and have the ability to provide professional services.

Hangzhou Razor Technology Co., Ltd will attend the Canton Fair (phases 2) in October. Welcome the 

majority of merchants to visit and build business cooperation! At the same time, hope that “MWL” 

razors can make a great success!