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How To Maintain A Razor
- Jun 16, 2016 -

In order to ensure the effect of shaving, dry electric shaver with best choice of high-performance alkaline batteries. Long-term storage: no, battery must be removed to avoid battery leakage causing damage to internal parts.

Rechargeable shavers because of its built-in rechargeable battery memory effect, so every time we charge full. As long time, should be discharged (on idling up to the Shaver not turning) and store in a dry place.

In order to make razor blades to keep the best shaving results, Blade Network to protect, avoid the bump, if not cleaned heads, resulting in shaving should be open not the net cutter head cleaning (available larger brush), water containing detergent cleaning clogged. Charging: 8 hours charge after all is at least 8 hours before filling, full of more than 12 hours battery life will be shortened.