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How To Shave Quickly In The Morning
- Feb 13, 2017 -

    How to shave quickly in the morning? 

Men shave every day like a woman to make up every day. Clean and shaved beard is not only responsible for the personal image, but also respect for colleagues. Young men like snooze, so every morning time get very valuable. How to quickly shave a beautiful and neat "face" is undoubtedly the peoblem should be solved first. 


Many men shave are random with a razor on hastily, so that reach the purpose of shaving, but is a little carelessness, it will scratch the skin and may also mess up the growth direction of beard. 

The correct way to shave should be follow: 

Step 1: Clean the razor and your hands, wash clean your face, especially the beards. 

Step 2: Slap some warm water in the face, so it can open the pores and soften the beards. Put the shaving cream on shaving area, wait 2 or 3 minutes later, and then start shaving. 

Step 3: Shaving steps usually start from shaving left and right sides of the check, next the beard around upper lip, then the edges and corners. The general principle is start shaving from the most sparse of the beards and leave the most dense part in the last. That's because the root can be further softened by shaving cream. 

Step 4: After shaving, wash clean with warm water and gently dry with a towel. Do not rub because there is a little injury of skin after shaving. Moreover, slap with cool water in face and use after shaving care products. 

Step 5: Remember to wash clean the blade, and put it on the ventilated place. To avoid bacterial growth, we should put the blade in alcohol and replace it regularly.