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How to use Eyebrow trimmer
- Jul 15, 2016 -

 Eyebrow shaping is difficult, it is necessary to grasp the operation technology, and must be carefully, in order to make the ideal eyebrow. Its main steps include:

(1) Preparation of equipments. Prepare good appliances tweezers, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, mirror, small scissors, cream and small cotton ball before threading.

(2) Clean eyebrows. The mirror with a little eyebrow brush Qingshua eyebrows to remove dust and dander. With what balls dipped in alcohol or convergence of the skin of water, rub around the eyebrows and make it clean.

(3) With warm water soak cotton or hot towels cover the eyebrows, parts of the eyebrows soft, use softener will also enable the eyebrows and the surrounding skin soft.

(4) Decide the eyebrow type. Can draw for their own eyebrow with the eyebrow pencil, where to stay in the outside contour of the eyebrow is superfluous.

(5) Adjust the length of the eyebrow. The long vertical downward growth of the eyebrows trimmed to the appropriate length, eyebrow slightly shorter, the more close to the brow the longer the length of some. 

(6) Dressing shape. The excess with tweezers eyebrows pulled out a root, as well as get a good eyebrow. In order to alleviate the pain when pulling eyebrows, before pulling can be coated with some moisturizing cream. Pull the eyebrow slightly taut skin, a root along the growth direction of the eyebrows, outward or upward pull.

(7) Eyebrow razor will scraped off excess hair arround eyebrow . After removing the eyebrow, use the convergence make-up water to pat the double eyebrow and the surrounding skin to shrink the skin pores.

(8) Finishing, with a small brush to gently brush the eyebrows, so that the eyebrows to maintain natural position. Can put some milk or cream to protect.

(9) If necessary, modified to use eyebrow pencil.

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