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How To Use Eyebrow Trimmer?
- Sep 20, 2016 -

How to use eyebrow trimmer? Sounds easy, but actually is a little bit difficult. In order to get the perfect eyebrow shape, the front, middle and tail of brows cannot be ignored. Here is a look at how to create the perfect eyebrow. 

  1. Remove the debris which attached to the brow dander, with a small brush. Achieving the purpose of cleaning. 

  2. A small gauze dipped in warm water to soften the skin, reducing the risk of damage to the subsequent pruning eyebrows. 

  3. Shape eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil, especially for women who have short eyebrow, it better to fill the eyebrow completely. 

  4. The most critical step is shape and repair the eyebrow with eyebrow trimmer. According to the shape of eyebrow, cleaning the eyebrow miscellaneous hair with eyebrow trimmer.