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Korean Flaved Plastic Handle Eyebrow Trimmer For Men More Type
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Xiu Mei is no longer just a female patent, more and more fashion men realized the importance of Flaved Plastic Handle Eyebrow Trimmer. This issue of Korean eyebrow painting tutorial, for everyone to explain the screen on the Han who are commonly used eyebrow method.

Korean TV drama long legs warm male image captured the hearts of countless women, warm male Ouba who in addition to wearing, hair on the distribution of warm men temperament, eyebrow is also the key to their image. The reason why they frown slightly, can make people feel the deep sadness, thanks to their eyebrows method.

Eyebrow care

Step one: before the eyebrows, the first eyebrow combs out the shape of the eyebrow itself, in accordance with the growth order, the eyebrows combing smooth.

Step two: men Xiu Mei, first to determine the brow, Mei Feng, Mei Wei position. Brow in the eyes of the oblique above the eyebrows for the black eye outside the eyebrow, eyebrow tail can not be shorter than the outer corner of the extension line, with the eyebrow pencil to the three points marked. If the eyebrows are too lean, you can adjust, so that the face narrowed; if Mei Feng and eyebrows formed too large angle, the eyebrows down, so that eyebrows look gentle.

Step three: with Xiu Mei knife, eyebrows, eyelids and other mixed hair removal, to retain the main part of eyebrows. According to the brow, Mei Feng and Mei Wei three points of connection, trimmed the eyebrows of the main shape.

Eyebrow care 2

Step four: with the eyebrow comb, the use of Flaved Plastic Handle Eyebrow Trimmer to trim the length of eyebrows to maintain eye length consistent. It is recommended to use the long comb began to trim, the direction of the growth of the eyebrows, from the brow to the nose slowly sliding.

Step five: in the Flaved Plastic Handle Eyebrow Trimmer trimmed the shape and length, with a Flaved Plastic Handle Eyebrow Trimmer to adjust the details of the eyebrows, for the eyebrow eyebrows, a root of the removal.

Step six: men's eyebrows can not be too thin, need angular, as thick as possible. If the eyebrows are not plump enough or have vacancies, you can fill the eyebrows with the appropriate.

Step seven: in the Flaved Plastic Handle Eyebrow Trimmer pruning eyebrows, according to their own face to do the appropriate adjustments: the amount of narrow or large mouth type of men, eyebrows can be left to stay longer; face short men, eyebrows can be adjusted The nose is long, then the eyebrows can be adjusted lower; and the eye is not big, eyebrows try not to too thick too thick.