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Love Your Men's Triple-blade Razors, Use Two Weeks To -refuel
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Many men like to use electric Men's Triple-blade Razors, but the use of a long time on the head will breed mites. If mites against the skin, will make the face from the pimple. So, how can we simply "get rid of" electric Men's Triple-blade Razors on the breeding of mites?

When the electric Men's Triple-blade Razors used for two weeks or so, it is necessary to kill it: unscrew the blade, took out the blade, the beard stubble sweep, and then drip in the tip of the drop of fine oil, pay attention not to the wind The oil spill drops on the rotating shaft, and then the razor head is safe.

The essential odor of the essential oil and the active ingredient is the nemesis of the mite, and the state of the oil does not cause the blade to rust, nor does it affect the skin.