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Men's Double Pole Men's Twin Blade Razors Rotary Knife Head
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Rotary Men's Twin Blade Razors was central rotation operation, circular motion can be continuous one-way cut shaving beard, not only shaving more clean and thorough, and quiet operation without vibration, more comfortable stickers. Rotary Men's Twin Blade Razors because the structure is simple, easy maintenance, is currently on the market the most easy to see Men's Twin Blade Razors products.

Advantages: noisy, almost no vibration, fit the face of the skin, not easy to cause damage to the skin.

Disadvantages: relative to the reciprocating product shaving effect is not so clean, need to be repeated several times to remove the dead part of the beard.

Rotary Men's Twin Blade Razors products on behalf of the absolute number of Philips, the brand from the Netherlands main small household electrical appliances, not only men's knife razor products famous, and even hair dryer, and even electric kettle and other products have long been Sold to the world. As mentioned earlier, the reciprocating Men's Twin Blade Razors products and rotating Men's Twin Blade Razors products now have the intersection, not the previous war, consumers can choose according to their own preferences brand, Greatly broaden the range of optional products.