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Men's Twin Blade Razors And Three Knife Head What Is The Difference
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Men's Twin Blade Razors head and the difference between the three heads:

The main difference between the two heads is that the shaving area is larger, the other shaving is more convenient and quicker, and it will be more comfortable in the process of shaving, and the whole is more suitable Beard more, longer and so on. Of course, if you do not have a little beard, buy a pair of bits to use is also a good choice. As for Philips recently out of the new series of Jin Feng I know some, it feels pretty good, in the succession of the Philips razor shaving comfortable clean, durable features, in some details of the function has also been strengthened, so that The razor can be used better and longer.

2, three knife head is not simply that is because the shaving area is large, so suitable for beard more men. At the same time, because the number of heads increases, so that the head in the work, can be based entirely on the user's facial contours automatically change the veneer angle, three-dimensional floating. In this way, not only shaving speed, while the effect and comfort is also greatly improved.

In order to ensure the effect of shaving, dry-type Men's Twin Blade Razors is best to choose high-performance alkaline batteries. Such as long-term placement do not have to remove the battery, to avoid damage to the internal parts due to battery leakage.

Rechargeable razor because of its built-in rechargeable battery most of the memory effect, so each charge and discharge to be sufficient. If you do not have long-term, you should put the remaining power (start idle until the knife is no longer turned), and stored in a dry place.

In order to make Men's Twin Blade Razors blade to maintain the best shaving effect, knife net to protect, to avoid bumps, if the long-term clean up the head, resulting in shaving does not clean the phenomenon should open the head clean (available larger Brush), there is a clogging situation can be washed with water containing detergent detergent. Charging: For example, 8 hours charge that is charged at least 8 hours to fill, more than 12 hours of battery life will be shortened.