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Men's Twin Blade Razors Can Be Divided Into Two Kinds
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Men's Twin Blade Razors is a shaving device

Safe shaving knife: composed of blades and picks. Knife with aluminum, stainless steel, copper or plastic and other production; blade with stainless steel, carbon steel production, for the sharp and durable, the edge of the metal or chemical coating treatment. When used, the blade is mounted on the turret and the knife holder can be shaken. There are two kinds of safety shaving knives, one is loaded with a double-edged blade on the turret; the other is a two-piece blade with a knife holder. When shaving with a former shaving knife, the user needs to adjust the blade edge and beard contact angle in order to ensure the shaving effect. After a knife handle longer, blade points on the next two layers installed in parallel on the knife. The blade head can be rotated on the pivot of the upper part of the tool holder with the shape of the blade so that the blade edge maintains a good shaving angle; and, when the front blade pulls the root of the beard, The rear blade is cut from the root. Use this shaving knife to shave the beard when it is cleaner and more comfortable than the previous one.

Electric Men's Twin Blade Razors: electric shaver from the stainless steel grille, the inner blade, micro-motor and shell composition. The net is a fixed outer blade with many holes on it, and the beard can be inserted into the hole. Micro-motor driven by electric energy, driven by the blade action, the use of shear principle, will be inserted into the hole in the beard cut off. Electric razor can be divided according to the characteristics of the action of the blade, divided into two kinds of rotary and reciprocating. The power supply used in dry batteries, batteries and AC charging.

Mechanical razor: use the mechanical energy storage mechanism to drive the blade shaving beard. There are two types, one is equipped with a rotating instrument, the use of winding energy, the release of the rotary bar when the high-speed rotation of the rotating instrument, driven blade shaving; the other with a gyroscope inside, wrapped around the pull, pull The gyroscope drives the blade for shaving.

Men's Twin Blade Razors shaving can be divided into two kinds

1, manual Men's Twin Blade Razors - clean, thoroughly

In general, manual shaving takes a long time, about 10-15 minutes or so, but scratched relatively clean. It is characterized by low cost, easy operation, clean thoroughly, manual razor has accounted for more than half of market sales, with the introduction of new products, status has become increasingly consolidated and strengthened trend. The following are the same as the "

2, electric Men's Twin Blade Razors - fast and convenient

Electric Men's Twin Blade Razors according to their working characteristics can be divided into rotary, reticular type two, are from the seventies of the single-head knife to develop. One of the rotating type to Philips razor as the representative, the advantage is low noise, but some people think that the rotation of the knife shaving area is smaller.