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Reasons That Make Your Beard Shaving Unclean
- Aug 10, 2016 -

Many friends may ask: I bought a razor according to my beard type, but I still can't shave my beard clean. Why? 

Don't worry, here is several reasons. 

  1. Long beard. If your beard is too long, some electric knife net will enter inside the beard in a small part, so even if it will shave many times, it's unclean. I recommend that you can short the beard with a trimmer first.

  2. Wrong shaving methods. Generally speaking, we shaving along the direction of the growth of the beard, then shave again against the direction. How do we know the growth direction of beard? Look at the below picture:

  3. Different shavers have different requirements. For the reciprocating shaver(especially Braun), stretch the facial skin gently with your hands, straight shaving extend the direction of the growth, and the razor must be perpendicular to the skin, uniform force to ensure that the ideal shaving effect. For the rotary cutter head is more simple. The razor head is pasted on the face, and shaving circle on the face. Pay attention to that: when using a rotary razor, it is not a straight line movement, and it needs to attach tp the face tight.

  4. If your beard is too greasy, or the razor blade is too greasy, you can remove the grease with soap bubbles before your shaving. 

  5. If you choose dry shaving---you'd better shave before washing your face. Because the skin will appear slight swelling easily after washing; If you choose wet shaving---at first, wash your face with water, then apply shaving foam or shaving gel on the skin, then rinse the razor blade head under the faucet to ensure that the cutter head can slide smoothly on the skin. You should wash the razor frequently in using process in order to ensure the smooth degree.

  6. If it's wet and dry type of razor, you can coated with some shaving foam and after-shaving water when you are shaving. Don't let your beard get too long, besides, soak the knife head with soap and water to degrease regularly.

  7. Some people's beard grow affixed to the skin, a good manual razor can shave cleaner. 



 Hope these can help you!