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Recommend: Reliable Men's Shaving Auxiliary Products---Aftershave
- Sep 13, 2016 -
  1.  NIVEA Men's Aftershave Lotion 

    NIVEA products for men, it is naturally not worry about quality, and the price of this product is also very close to the people, that is, most of male friends can afford it. After shaving the beard, the man who use the NIVEA Men's aftershave lotion, will relieve the pain, hot and tight caused by shaving, also it effective repairs sensitive and discomfort. "Beauty Ingredients"--- Aloe and Vitamin E are inside, which can promote the skin self repair, deep nourishment and long lasting moisture. Adding a layer of protective film to our fragile lower jaw and reducing external stimulation.

  2. UNO Refreshing Aftershave 

    As a product brand of Shiseido, UNO refreshing aftershve can penetrate the skin quickly, to ease the tingling sensation after shaving, mild and no irritation. Its rich nourishing ingredients can moisturize the skin and form a protective film of the skin. In addition, it is not sticky, because of no spices and no coloring. UNO refreshing aftershave is able to give the skin full moisture, at the same time, tighten the pores, improving pore clogging. And this product is suitable for all sensitive skin, especially for the partial dry skin. 

  3. Biotherm Homme Aquatic Lotion 

    The biggest characteristic of Biotherm Men's Aftershave is the combination of the aftershave and toner, which can not only alleviate the burn feeling and reddening phenomenon, but also add moisture for the skin, clean skin and shrink pores. The texture of this product is refreshing gel, and it can be transformed into emulsion after encounter with the skin, easy to be absorbed by the skin. Convenient to use, formula without oil, refreshing when using, what's more, it can also clean the skin again. This product contains a mineral spring living cytokines, which can make the tingling and burning skin instantly feel cool, and moisturizing the skin. 

  4. Clinique Happy. For men 

    This aftershave contains a unique Happy fragrance, let you suddenly feel fresh and clean. Citrus formula gives a cool and comfortable feeling, better to relieve the irritation caused by shaving. Clinique Men aftershave in addition to bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, but also for the use of men's perfume. Furthermore, it doesn't contain any spices and oil, that is, it can effectively prevent acne. This product is suitable for all types of skin. Light citrus fragrance ensures that you are more fresh in front of "Her".