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Shaver Rotary Cutter
- Jun 16, 2016 -

Rotary Shaver is not liable to harm skin, less likely to cause bleeding, skin sensitivity, you may focus on!, it is quieter to operate, very gentleman's manner, Oh. Most Rotary shavers on the market however, power 1.2 w, coarse and thick beard and man seems a little weak.

Rotary operations are relatively quiet, gentleman shaving sensation. Skin allergies use rotating, it is less harmful to the skin, generally do not cause bleeding. Rotary shavers on the market most of the power is 1.2W, for the vast majority of men. But for coarse and thick beard and men, preferably based on power-great razor, such as newly developed 2.4 v and 3.6-Volt three-headed Rotary series and so on. Under the power of Super strength, no matter how rough your beard keys can shave off in an instant. From a health point of view the best waterproof series, its flush effectively inhibit bacteria from forming.