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Shaving Care
- Jul 29, 2016 -

Before shaving, you should further soften the beard with shaving gel or shaving foam to make shaving more thoroughly. At the same time, prevent scratching. 

After shaving, you should pay more attention to the maintenance of the skin, because there has a certain stimuli to skin after shaving beard, and it's easy to damage sebum membrane. In order to protect good skin before regeneration of new sebum film, it is necessary to hold a warm and hot washcloth to the area for a few minutes, and then choose some care products such as aftershave paste, surface after honey, skin fat or cream and so on. It can form a protective film so that the skin is less susceptible to external stimuli.

If you find that the ingrow hairs, don't pluck it out by using tweezers. Instead, you should be carefully to pull it out, and scraped with a razor. Then, Do not forget to nourish the skin. To deal with the burning sensation after shaving, you can use moisturizing products twice. If the problem is more serious, you'd better find a doctor in the Department of dermatology.