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Shaving Methods And Steps
- Jan 05, 2017 -

How should I shave? 

Why sometimes can't shave clean? 

When shaving there will be uncomfortable feeling? 

Do you think shaving is a simple matter? But the methods and steps are also very important! Let's take a look at them!

  • First step: Clean your skin 

   Wash your face with neutral soap before shaving. When shaving, the blade razor will stimulate the skin, and may cut the skin if shaving method is not right. At this time, if the dirt and dust residue on face or beard, which can cause skin infections. 

  • Soften your beard 

   Cover the beard with a hot towel after washing the face. Or put shave caream/shave foam on the beard, to soften it. Wait a moment, then shave. So that the razor blade will glid smoothly on the face and reduce skin irritation. 

  • Correct shaving 

   Shaving should be tighten your skin, to reduce the resistance and avoid hurt when shaving. Especially for the older and thin people, because their skin is easy to wrinkle. 

   When shaving, at first, shaving along the beard growth direction, then against the direction, finally shaving along the direction again. 

   Please pay more attention: Do Not Shaving Casual! Otherwise it will easy to pull your beard, resulting in burning sensation, may even cut your skin. 

   After shaving, clean your face with a hot towel or wash with warm water. And then check there is no stubble.  

  • After shaving 

   After shaving with disposable razors or blade razors or electric shavers, you should pay attention to skin care. Because in the shaving process, the shaver will cause a certain stimulus on your skin, and easy to damage the skin membrane. In order to protect your skin before the new sebum membrane is regenerated, you should put a hot towel on your face for a few minutes after shaving. And then choose skin care products that suitable for yourselves, such as aftershave lotion, after shave balm and so on. It can form a protective film by doing this.