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Skin Determines Your Choice---pre-shaving Products
- Sep 11, 2016 -

Compared with aftershave lotion products, before purchase pre-shaving products, we need to consider not only the issue of skin, but also the beard. What kind of product is suitable for you? Touching your skin and your beard, I think you will get the answer. 

Many people think that to use a facial cleanser with rich cleansing bubble instead of shaving foam. But men, do you want to save trouble or you really think there is no difference between the bubble? In fact, the bubble is a lubricant, from this point, there is no distinction, while shaving foam has the function of softening beard, calming and repairing the skin timely. It is not the ordinary cleansing products can be compared to. If you want the "hickey"(caused by the razor blade) disappear quickly, you'd better to choose a professional pre-shaving product. 

  1. Shaving foam: its texture is relatively rich, and thick foam more easily attach on the face, more suitable for oily skin or thick beard people. You should shave as soon as possible after applying the shaving foam, otherwise the bubble will be diluted in two or three minutes. 

  2. Shaving gel: its texture is more delicate, and its viscosity will lubricate razor blade, which helps shaving thoroughly. It is more suitable for hard beards. Pay attention: Cleaning thoroughly after using shaving gel, or it will stimulate the skin and result in pore blockage. 

  3. Shaving lotion: between the two above, it does not have a strong effct of removing grease, but it can protect the skin's natural acidic film, more suitable for dry skin and sensitive skin. Before using shaving lotion, you should dry the face, and wait for a minute to let it play a utility.